Staff Recommendations

The Yellow Packard by Ace Collins. 2018 finds folks driving a variety of automobiles and pickups as well. But none of them have the flair of the old Yellow Packard. He was soo proud of this car. But was his baby girl kidnapped in it? Come check out books by Ace Collins or Books about […]

Snuggle up with a book to READ!

Seed Savers–This Teen fiction quartet is written about a scary future when people are not supposed to own garden seeds or plant their own food. The government will provide it for them. But one teen is given a gift of some smuggled seeds. and she is curious…can she grow her own food plants?    

Get eBooks, Audios, Videos and So Much More!

OK Virtual Library also offers streaming Video! Find the latest books and classics in ebook format as well as Audio Books to enjoy anywhere. You’ll be impressed by the number of books we’re able to offer from all the best authors. That’s all because we’re a part of a special group of other Okie libraries – […]

Miss the Library? It has just closed? Grab a Burger, Grab a Book!

Check the Free Books Basket at Mr. Burger on Highway 54. These folks allow us to give you “food for thought” along with your meal. And remember: Do Not Read While Driving! 🙂 HUH-UH! No texts while driving either! We prefer our folks to Arrive – Alive!